The Route des belvédères

Major attractions in the Matapédia-et-les-Plateaux region, in the southwestern part of the Gaspé Peninsula, the first two architecturally exceptional structures of the future Route des belvédères give visitors a spectacular view of the mountain and river landscape from lookouts designed with unique architecture.

Belvédère des Deux-Rivières

Deux-Rivières Lookout



Found at the top of a cliff in a twisted wooden tunnel form, the Belvédère des Deux-Rivières, located in Matapédia, offers a breathtaking view of the confluence of the Matapédia and Ristigouche rivers.

Belvédère Cœur des Plateaux

Cœur des Plateaux Lookout



Standing on one of the highest points in the region, the Coeur des Plateaux Lookout in Saint-André-de-Restigouche is a twisted tower made of wood and metal. On its panoramic platform (360°), you will be able to admire up to 100 km of bucolic agricultural landscapes if the sky is clear.

Belvédère Horizon de rêve

Horizon de rêve Lookout



The Horizon de rêve lookout in Saint-Alexis-de-Matapédia offers a magnificent view of the Restigouche River. 

For safety reasons the lookout is currently close. The actual structure will be replaced by a new structure with a distinctive architecture.

Two new lookouts to come

Saint-Alexis-de-Matapédia and L’Ascension-de-Patapédia

The Route des belvédères will include two more structures, the design of which will be unveiled by summer 2023. The current Horizon de rêve lookout in Saint-Alexis-de-Matapédia will be replaced by a new structure with a unique architecture. Also, a new structure with a unique design will be built in L’Ascension-de-Patapédia: the Cross Point lookout.

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